Click on the session title for information about the presenters and panellists.

The Honourable Murray Kellam, Elizabeth Macknay, Justin Gleeson SC, Fiona Hollier

Session 1: Access to Justice & Dispute Resolution Systems: What do Parties/Users Need & Expect?  >> 

Moderator: Steve Lancken

Panellists: Sue Laver, Stephen Parbery, Rebecca Gilsenan, Dr Rachael Field, Ian Yard-Smith

Session 2: How is the Market Currently Addressing These Party/User Needs and Expectations? >> 

Moderator: Peter Butler

Panellists: Matthew McLennan, Andrew Moffat, Julie Soars, Margaret Halsmith, Stephen Wright, Debbie Hastings

Session 3: How can Dispute Resolution be Improved? (Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges) >>


Moderator: Tom Day

Panellists: Brett Jordan, Tim Sullivan, Anna Sutherland, Dr Rosemary Howell, Mary Walker

Session 4: Promoting Better Access to Justice: What Action Items Should be Considered and by Whom? >>


Moderator: Juliana Warner

Panellists: Jo Delaney, Candace Barron, The Hon. Justice Terry Sheahan AO, Tom Howe PSM QC, The Hon. Fred Chaney AO