Why Attend

Why attend?

  • To join business representatives, legal advisors, DR professionals and influential DR stakeholders to contribute to a worldwide conversation about the future of dispute resolution.
  • To contribute to the development of 21st century commercial dispute resolution tools, at domestic, regional and international levels. 

What is distinctive about the GPC?

The Global Pound Conference promises to be one of the major dispute resolution conferences of 2017.

Participants from five stakeholder groups (parties/users, advisors, influencers, adjudicative providers and non-adjudicative providers) vote anonymously on standardised questions via a voting App, debated in real time by world class panellists. The data will be distilled into a global report and white paper, heralding a new era of dispute resolution.

Core questions to be voted upon and discussed:

    • Access to justice & dispute resolution systems: what do users want, need & expect?
    • How is the market currently addressing parties' wants, needs and expectations?
    • How can dispute resolution be improved? (Overcoming obstacles and challenges)
    • Promoting better access to justice: What action items should be considered and by whom?

How will it advance my professional development?

Attending this event will contribute to expanding your professional insights and understanding of how disputes will be resolved during the 21st century. Bringing business representatives, advisers, influential stakeholders and DR professionals together, provides for dynamic discussions and thought leadership. To find out how many CPD hours or CLE points are available from this event, please check with your professional body.